The Best of Penny Adiyodi | The Magicians Season 2 Ep1

Last night The Magicians made it's return and the group is back together again in Episode 1  - Knight of Crowns.

The episode opened with Quentin racing through a Fillorian Forest calling for help. He stumbles upon a house made of candy that's occupied by an older woman (sound familiar?). Quentin makes a deal with the woman who agrees to help him for a vial of his blood. When Quentin finally gets back to his friends, Alice's god-power has kicked in and not only has she resurrected from the dead but she is also able to bring back Eliot and Margo after helping Penny. The group try to come up with a new plan to kill the Beast since Julia took the blade and left them hanging. Though Margo and Eliot say what Julia did was selfish, Quentin defends her and explains that Julia wasn't in her right mind and says he probably would have done the same thing in her shoes. Julia and Martin "The Beast," search for Reynard and find out he's been pulling the same scam among other witches.

Mean while Penny is totally devastated by the loss of his hands as he carries them around in a box. Poor Penny.

While the group decide they need to go to the Armory for answers Penny heads off to the Chatwins Torrent to fix his severed hands and Margo goes with him.

Margo:"You're wiping your own ass, so figure it out."

A Fillorian local offers his assistance tp Penny and Margo at the Torrent, informing the two that Penny's hands must be sewn onto his body before entering the water.

After Penny comes out whole again, the local turns out to be a con-man when he tries to charge them for the use of the Torrent.

Penny who is understandably frustrated with everything that has happened to him gets harsh with the con-man but as he and Margo leave the Torrent, having hurt feelings the man puts a curse on Penny's hands. Eliot, Margo, Alice and Quetine have their coronation as Penny looks on.

Penny discovers that there is problem with his hands and realizes what has happened. He goes back to ask the man to fix his hands offering him a royal seat and even saying-"Please," but the guy refuses leaving Penny with cursed hands.

Penny: "Please fix my hands!"

Agsin I say it...Poor Penny.



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