The Best of Penny Adiyodi | The Magicians Episodes 12 & 13

Episode 12 Thirty-Nine Graves.
Penny and friends...Quentin, Margo, Alice, and Eliot go to the Neitherlands and run into Eve and the rest of the "Welcome Committee." After Quentin accidentally falls back into the fountain in an attempt to dodge Eve's magic (Thanks to Alice who loses the map in the first place) Penny leads the remaining three to shelter inside the Library where they end up getting kicked out because of Eliot. They again  find refuge with Josh from the missing third year class who also tells them where to find the fountain to Fillory. Later Penny sets Alice straight about their friendship and tells her to stop whining about Quentin who at the moment isn't irrelevant because "shit just got real."

Another favorite moment outside of Penny was Margo, who was a total bad-ass.

"Yea I brought a're welcome."

Episode 13 Have You Brought Me Little Cakes.
The gang finally make it to Fillory and find out that the Beast is not Mr. Plover but Martin Chatwin.

The best moment of Penny is when he's finally able to rescue Victoria from the dungeon. Later Victoria show Penny how to do side-along apara...I mean "Traveling" but then later she and Josh abandon the group.

After that everything  pretty much goes down hill. When the group finally faces the Beast with a solid plan in tact Julia ruins it by stealing the Leo blade that would have killed him. The Beast attacks the group and Penny loses his hands in a gruesome manner.

In the end Quentin and Penny are seemingly the only two left alive as Julia uses the Leo bade to stop the Beast from attacking Quentin but instead of killing him she makes deal and goes off with Martin the Beast to get revenge on Reynard. So the show ended on a cliff hanger leaving us all with a lot of questions: What's Penny going to do without his hands?!
Did Alice, Margo and Eliot die? Really Julia...Really??? And what will Quentin do in the end? Hopefully all will be answered in season 2 air date January 25th.



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