Black Sails Binge

I recently started binge watching the Starz series- Black Sails. I had no idea this show even existed until a family member got me into watching it.

I find the series to be a mix of Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy and, if it had an NC17 rating, The Pirates of the Caribbean. But I only say that because that's the only pirate movie I have to compare it with.

The series is a prequel to the story- Treasure Island. It is set in New Providence Island in the 1700s where Pirate Captain Flint defends the independence of the island against the British Navy, along with the young but influential Eleanor Gutherie who runs a black market business in Nassau.

So far I don't love it, at times I hate it because of the violence but I have to admit it is still a good show so I kind of like it. The acting is outstanding, as the actors drive your emotions. Besides being full of violence there is a lot of sex and bad boy pirates. There are no real "good guys" here as every character is involved in some sort of  corruption. My thoughts so far though only having finished two seasons is- so far Black Sails glamourizes the life of Pirates by making them appear sexy in a sense.

For example, the lying, manipulative, killer Captain Flint played by Toby Stephens is undeniably a bad-ass.

Even when he's cursing someone out there's something  sexy about it, but maybe that's just me. Flint comes off at times as sentimental and caring man. A kind of father figure type to Eleanor. As his back story is revealed you understand that he wasn't always some hardened merciless criminal. He was once a civilized man who was in love then driven to his ways by the pain of losing that love. And the more his heart is broken the darker he becomes. So far he is my favorite character on the show.

And then there's the character of Captain Charles Vane who is played by Zach McGowan.

I find myself at times loving to hate him and at other times -hating to love him. He's a mess of complications. You think you get an idea of what type of person he is in season 1 when he's punching women in the throat and choking them out. Yea, he's that dude.

But then he turns around does something heroic (sort of) to protect the woman he loves. And on top of that you learn that he grew up as a slave who fought his way to freedom. Now for a second you may start to break down your walls and think  maybe...just maybe he's just misunderstood and perhaps he should have another punch women in the throat and choke them out. Yea. He's a romanticized dick. A thug of the sea and a straight out monster but that is what the real Captain Charles Vane was known to be; A murderous Pirate.
But damn, those intense eyes of Zach's.

The 4th Season will be Series Finale. First episode airs January 29th on Starz.



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