The Best of Penny Adiyodi | The Magicians Episodes 10 & 11

Episode 10 Homecoming. Penny touches the magical button and is transported to the Neitherlands where he meets Eve who seems nice at first until she attacks him for the button.

He later stumbles upon the Library where he seeks help from the librarian on how to get home. I loved the Library scene in this episode and the cinematography was amazing.

Penny makes his way back with the help of Quentin and Alice.

Yea, so did Alice and Q. Ha.

Episode 11 Remedial Battle Magic. In this episode the Beast puts pressure on Penny to turn himself over to him or he will continue to torture his mind. Penny finds out that he's not the only one being targeted  when another Traveler commits suicide in order to stop the Beasts mental torture. When he then goes to Stanley for help, he witnesses Stanley's suicide.

Feeling desperate he over does on cocaine in an attempt to drown out the Beast and ends up having heart attack.

After his recovery Penny agrees to go to Fillory and studies battle magic.
This was an emotional episode because it dealt with suicide. It touched on what its like to suffer from depression and the mental voices that torture the mind and the need to edcape. Depression is a real thing and there is real help available.  To anyone suffering from suicidal thoughts; You're life is precious. Take some time to quiet noises in your head, take care of yourself with exercise and meditation. And talk to a trusted family member or friend. You're not alone.



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