The Best of Penny Adiyodi | The Magicians Episodes 8 & 9

Episode 8 The Strangled Heart.

Penny: "Hell is real and it smells like Axe body Spray."
Even when Penny is annoyed with Quentin he still has his back by saving his life when Mike, who is possessed by the Beast, attempts to stab Quentin with the Virgo Blade. Penny gets slashed with the cursed knife instead and ends up with vines growing through his body towards his heart.

"I think about stabbing you all the time...get a knife I'll stab you right now."

Episode 9 The Writing Room.
Quentin, Penny, Alice and Eliot take a trip to the Plover Estate in London to find the missing Button to Fillory.

Penny: "You will never be a man..."

While on the tour of the Plover Estate Penny mocks Quentin for being a "fan-boy" but when he meets Prudence, the ghost of Christopher Plover's evil sister, Penny's tough guy exterior vanishes as quickly as he does when he makes a break from his chains in "the quiet place" as Prudence threatens to sew his lips shut with a needle and thread.



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