The Best of Penny Adiyodi | The Magicians Episodes 5, 6 & 7

Episode 5 Mendings, Major and Minor. Penny meets his mentor Stanley who suggests a spell to save him from unintentionally Traveling into an early grave. During his meditation Penny hears a woman crying for help and ends up astral projecting into a Fillorian dungeon where he discovers a young woman in chains who he later discovers is Victoria a member of the missing 3rd year class. While trying to figure out what to do to save her the Beast enters and notices Penny in the dungeon.

Episode 6 Impractical Applications. The group have to pass a series of Trials to prove they are worthy to stay in Brakebills. Favorite scene in this episode is when Margo tells Penny he has to bring her the White Horse and to use the ax to retrieve it. When Penny refuses, she mocks him and says that she sees gay porn in his future. Penny rolls his eyes but looks absolutely gorgeous with his faux-hawk, signature scarf, and brooding manner.

And of course any scene where Penny is shirtless is a favorite.

Episode 7 The Mayakovsky Circumstance. Penny's vulnerability in this episode redeems him as a character as he goes from honery a-hole  to a person with actual emotions. Penny, Quentin, Alice, Kady, and we assume some other day players from the Brakebills fly to, as in they become geese and fly to Antarctica to be trained by a bitter and drunk Magicians with unorthodox practices- Mayakovsky.

 Penny - "Birds...I've never shit so much in my life..."

Mayakovsky forces Penny to accept the burdens of his ability to Travel and learn how to control it instead of using a spell to keep him grounded which is quite the opposite of what Stanley told him. In practicing his Traveling Penny nearly gets burned alive when he accidentally travels into an active volcano. After his near death experience Penny decides to soften up and go to Kady to give their relationship another chance but once again Kady leaves him hanging which breaks his heart and leaves him feeling foolish. He so needed a hug.

But can we hear it for Penny in those white pants?



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