The Best of Penny Adiyodi | The Magicians Episodes 3 & 4

Consequences of Advanced Spell Casting. Besides Penny continuing his bullying of Quentin for not being able to close his mind (and because he cant stand hearing him sing that Taylor Swift song), in Episode 3 Penny discovers that he not only has psychic ability but that he is also Traveller who can not only physically disapparate...I mean "travel," to any place in the world but he can also move between dimensions! I swear if he doesn't have the best magical ability. Singing - "Come to my window..."

The World in the Walls. In Episode 4 Penny's Travelling ability helps rescue Quentin who gets trapped in a Dream Spell cast by his supposed best friend Julia and Marina the Hedge Witch. Quentin realizing he was stuck inside a Spell contacts Penny by singing none other than Taylor Swift. Upon entering the Dream, Penny discovers "Dream-Penn"y who states with excitement in his South Asian accent that for lunch the cafeteria will be serving Chicken Curry which is his favorite. The expression on Penny's face is priceless as he refers to Quentin as a racist M-F'er just before he attempts to kick his ass. Great episode for the  hilarity between Quentin and Penny. Bonus, we get double the Penny.



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