The Best of Penny Adiyodi |The Magicians Episode 2

In The Source of Magic the best moment of Penny is a not so good one. What can I say? He's a total ass-hole towards Quentin in this episode, a really believable one. So real that it makes fans wonder -Is Arjun Gupta anything at all like this character in real life? Not even close, he's admitted and we're SO glad.

In this episode Quentin, Alice, Penny and Kady, who in the previous episode casted a spell that accidentally opened a doorway for the Beast to enter into Brakebills, must face the consequences of their actions. 

Most of the group is on board with keeping quiet about what really happened except for Penny who not only snitches, but also blames the entire thing on Quentin who ends up facing expulsion.
When Quentin decides to stand up to and confront Penny for what he did, they get into a fight where Penny punches him across the face. I mean what a bully! 
But it didn't end there. Quentin again, attempts to get back at Penny by using battle magic, but ends up getting hit with his own spell when Penny deflects it. And of course Penny mocks him. What a d*ck. Even though this was my least favorite episode with Penny I can't deny that they both displayed some really good acting in thone scenes. Very intense. 




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