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Marvel's Luke Cage- Quick Review


Last weekend Netflix released it's highly anticipated series, Luke Cage (played by Mike Colter who made his debut in Marvel's Jessica Jones last year) - A sort of Black Man of Steel minus the ability to fly and see through walls and such -who gained his superhuman strength by accident due to a in prison science experiment gone wrong. After which Luke escapes to Harlem where all hell breaks loose and being the Hero that he is, he finds himself in the middle of the madness in an attempt to take down the corruption. The series picks up where Jessica Jones left off giving a bit of back story on Luke Cage's' life. I must admit that I love the whole Marvel/Netflix partnership especially since fans have the opportunity to binge watch the entire series. I mean who wants to wait to watch their favorite show on a weekly basis? So without spoiling it too much for those who may not have watched the series yet, here's my quick review.

What I Liked:
 A few of the things I enjoyed about the show -The musical guests and performances. Believable Villains and their back stories. I really couldn't stand Mariah Dillard (played by Alfre Woodard) though I started to enjoy hating Cottonmouth (Mahershala Ali) and was glad to see Theo Rossi again in a series since Sons of Anarchy. I loved the bad-ass character of Rosario Dawson aka "Night Nurse." I liked how the series brought up present day issues of gangs, police brutality, government corruption and, the "Hoody" reference. And I really liked the music performances.

What I Didn't Like:
The gaping holes in the plot that didn't match up with the Jessica Jones storylines. They attempted to fill a few but there were still some things left unexplained. Then there was a point where the story had me laughing out loud like "Come on! Really?" but it is the comic book world so...
I felt a bit indifferent about the use of the "N" word which Luke Cage sort of addresses in the opening scene of episode 2.

All in all I really enjoyed Season 1 and am very interested to see what Season 2 brings.

Lyn T.



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