Arjun and The Magicians at New York Comic-con

This past Saturday the cast of The Magicians were at New York's Comic-Con
During the panel the cast revealed more of what to expect in season 2- A lot more drama.

According to Olivia Dudley who plays Alice Quinn " Some of the relationships have been burned and will be burned for awhile. But you'll get to see everybody find new relationships," which includes Dean Fogg who has said to have romance headed his way.

The Fabulous Duo of Eliot & Margo whose friendship was already on shaky ground towards the end of season one as Eliot attempts to deal with his demons comes to the realization that it was time to stop f*cking up and grow up. When he accepted the responsibility of High King of Fillory it basically left Margo on her own. Summer Bishil who plays Margo said "You're going to see Margo really holding her own without Eliot next season. You definitely see more of Janet from the books"

Julia who ends up making a deal with the Beast for revenge against Reynard -which ultimately saves Quentin from dying - may end up in some sort of intimate...partnership? Sera Gamble teased that there may be some "unexpectedly intimate scenes" between the two

And Penny whose hands were cut off by the Beast at the end of Season 1 will face some difficult challenges as well. Having no hands to do the necessary motions to cast spells, he will have to depend on others for help although as Argun puts it "Penny still hates everybody." He'a also left with the decision of whether he should continue on at Brakebills or quit.

As for the Penny & Kady storylines, according to a tweet posted by @TheMagiciansSyfy
"The Penny and Kady storyline has been left unresolved, and you'll see more of that next season."

"You get to see the character go through more of an emotional journey" Jade Tailor said of her character Kady during the panel discussion.

Again, we at Arjun Gupta Fans CANNOT wait!




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