The Best of Penny Adiyodi |The Magicians Episode 1

Honestly any moment Penny (Arjun Gupta) shows up on screen is the best moment, am I right? So to get us Arjun Gupta and Magicians fans through the next 12-14 grueling weeks until Season 2 of The Magicians starts, we will be doing Episode Reviews of The Magicians/The Best of Penny posts.

SPOILER ALERT Revealing information below for those who haven't watched Season 1 of The Magicians. And by the way if you haven't watched, shame on you!

Episode one we first meet Penny Adiyodi and the rest of the magicians - Quentin, Julia, Alice, Elliot, Margo and Kady . The story/series is mainly based on Jason Ralph's character "Quentin" who is a sort of spazzy fantasy geek who does card tricks and was once in love with his best friend Julia... blah blah onto Penny.

Penny's Best Moments in Ep.1

We finally get to meet Penny when Quentin discovers they are roommates. When Penny strides across the dorm room and speaks to Quentin "What up roomie."  We realize that this guy has some serious swagger and we also get the sense that he's going to be a pretty strong character on the show.

Next best moment and our most favorite moment of this episode is when we realize Penny is psychic. Kady gives him a look over her shoulder and he says "Yes, until you pass out, then again when you wake up." Just imagine having the guy you're crushing on knows what you're thinking about him...🤔

*Side Note, I always wondered why the guy who erased Julia's memory needed to use hand sanitizer before casting the spell.




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