Who is Arjun Gupta & Why We Love Him So Much

Born November 28th, and currently residing in Los Angeles California, Arjun Gupta is an actor and producer best known for his character "Sam" on the television series "Nurse Jackie," in 2009-2012.

And for his current eye catching role as the cynical-mind-reading-traveler "Penny Adiyodi" on the popular Syfy television series "The Magicians."

Arjun is also known for co-hosting the popular podcast "American Desis" with stand up comedian Akaash Singh and is also the co-founder of the Ammotheatre.

Why do we love him so much? In short, because he genuinely loves his fans as he ALWAYS shows his appreciation for the love and support he receives.

 Arjun's filmography also includes-
"French Dirty" 2015,
"How to Get Away with Murder," 2014-2015
 And "The "Diabolical" 2015.



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